Sri Manakula Vinayagar, Pondicherry


Tamil Jothidam Software: (Vedic Traditional Indian Astrology)

Get your Jathagam (horoscope) in Tamil (PDF file format), instantly. Just fill-up your name, father's name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, email-id; and on payment of Rs.99/- through Credit / Debit card or NetBanking, you will get the download link for the horoscope (PDF) immediately. The download link will also be sent to your email-id immediately. You can download your horoscope any number of times using your Reg.No., freely without any additional cost.

The Jothidam will contain the following features:
  • Vedic Indian Traditional Astrology
  • Language : Tamil
  • Method : Thirukkanidam
  • Pages : 50
  • Chart type : Tamil (South Indian)
  • Rasi, Navamsa Chakkras
  • Sapthavarga Chakkras
  • Bhava Chakkra
  • Bhava Sputam
  • Graha Paatha Saaram
  • Vimsothari Mahadasa Vibaram
  • Ashtavargam
  • Shatbala Nirnayam
  • Maandhi Nirnayam
  • Dhasa Bhuthi Andhram
  • Free General Predictions

Offline Payment Option: Electronic Money Order (EMO)
Those who don't have online payment facilities like Credit card or Debit card or NetBanking, can send Rs.99/- per Jothidam by EMO from their nearest Post Office, to :
     Mr. V. Jeyaganthan,
     26, Kavery Street, Vallalar Nagar,
     Nainarmandapam, Puducherry-605 004

and then send us an email to our email-id :, containing the details given below. We will send the download link of your horoscope to your email-id immediately on receipt of your EMO and email.

     1) Name :
     2) Father's Name :
     3) Date of Birth :
     4) Time of Birth :
     5) Place of Birth:
         (Please mention Country, State, nearest City/Town where born)
     6) Date of EMO :
     7) Amount of EMO :
     8) Your Mobile No.: